• Transit improvements to bring better commute times to Markham-Stouffville residents


    By Paul Calandra

    MPP, Markham-Stouffville


    More frequent trains, reduced rates for short distance trips and free GO train trips for kids under 12 are three of the transit improvement residents are seeing now in Markham-Stouffville. We are also working hard to expedite new projects including the Yonge North Subway Extension.


    Ontario has announced more frequent daytime train services on the Stouffville line which became effective April 8th. These improvements will make commuting more convenient and effective for the hard-working people who rely on these services.


    New midday weekday GO Train service on the Stouffville line will be extended to three stations in Markham. Five midday trips in each direction along the Stouffville GO line will serve Centennial, Markham and Mount Joy GO stations from Monday to Friday.


    The Ontario government is offering more transit choices because the experience of real people is front of mind of our choices. We're making life easier for residents of Markham. Building a quality transit system signals that the GTHA is open for business and open for jobs. Our province deserves a world-class transportation system that gets both the people and the economy moving.


    In addition to the expanded train schedule, Metrolinx has reduced the PRESTO fares on short-distance GO transit journeys by at least $1, and in some cases by more than $2.


    Looking to the years ahead, the provincial government welcomes a commitment by federal Infrastructure Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne to put Ontario's priorities first and ensure 54 key projects which include five historic transit projects in the GTA are expedited for approvals.


    On May 15, Monte McNaughton, Ontario's Minister of Infrastructure, formally requested funding for the Yonge North Subway Extension.


    The Yonge North Subway Extension, an estimated $5.6 billion project in the Greater Toronto Area, would stretch the Yonge subway line from Finch station all the way to Richmond Hill Centre. The project would create a truly regional subway transit system that connects people and communities to one of the fastest growing regions in the area.


    The five nation-building projects will help reduce gridlock in the GTA region, deliver real transit relief to commuters, and boost the local economy by connecting more people to new jobs and opportunities. The GTA transit projects will require a combined $28.5 billion, of which the province has committed $11.2 billion.


    The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program is a $30 billion, 10-year infrastructure program cost-shared between federal, provincial and municipal governments. Ontario’s share per project will be up to 33.33 per cent, or $10.2 billion spread across four streams including Rural and Northern; Public Transit; Green; and Community, Culture and Recreation.


    These are just some of the transit projects we are working on now, because we know how important they are to you and your family.



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