Paul Calandra introduces Private Member’s Bill to support businesses which provide electric vehicle charging

June 4, 2019 (Toronto) — Vehicles which park in spots reserved as electric charging stations may be ticketed under a new Private Member’s Bill tabled in Ontario’s legislature today.

Paul Calandra, MPP for Markham-Stouffville, tabled the bill after receiving complaints from business owners which provide and pay for the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.

“Businesses generally pay the costs associated with installing and providing power to these EV Charging Stations and are then frustrated to see them being blocked by non-electric vehicles, or even electric vehicles which are not currently charging,” Calandra explains.

“Certainly we want to encourage businesses and other organizations to provide EV Charging Stations. Vehicles which don’t need them should not block them; this fine has been proposed to support progressive businesses and remind drivers to be more attentive to where they park.”

Occupying of an EV charging station parking space with a conventional vehicle with an internal combustion engine is called “ICEing.”

From an economic perspective, many business owners and business parks, especially those with retail businesses will install EV charging stations in priority spaces to attract customers. Some businesses bear all costs including the charging equipment, installation, maintenance, and the cost of electricity. These businesses use these stations as loss-leaders, as an investment to attract customers to their stores by placing these stations in priority parking spaces closer to the store.

“Businesses invest in public electric vehicle charging stations because they want them to be used by the public for charging, often while taking advantage of onsite amenities,” says Brookes Shean, Regional General Manager, Central Canada at FLO, Canada’s largest EV charging network and a subsidiary of charging station manufacturer AddEnergie.

“We welcome this bill because it brings much-needed attention to the issue of blocked EV charging stations, which frustrate station owners and EV drivers. We look forward to working with the province and municipalities to address this important issue for our industry.”

Some municipalities such as London, Ontario have by-laws and signage restricting use of these parking spaces to EVs only, however they do not currently levy fines for improper use.

Calandra, who has researched the EV Charging Station issue in municipalities including Markham, London and Kingston has further consultations planned with stakeholders over the summer including owners and operators of charging stations and EV advocacy groups.


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