Ontario Launches Innovative Solution to Improve Long-Term Care in Markham-Stouffville
New community paramedicine program will support seniors on long-term care waitlists

(Markham-Stouffville) — The Ontario government is launching the Community Paramedicine for Long-Term Care program in five communities across the province. This program will help seniors on long-term care waitlists stay safe in the comfort of their own homes and communities for longer.

Details of the new program in York Region were provided today by Paul Calandra, MPP for Markham-Stouffville.

This new long-term care focused community paramedicine program will leverage the skills of paramedicine practitioners to help reduce hallway health care and provide additional and appropriate care for seniors. This program, which will be implemented in phases, will delay the need for long-term care for our seniors by providing them with enhanced at-home supports. The program will be fully funded by the provincial government and operated in partnership with local municipalities.

Phase One of the program will be delivered here in York Region as one of five communities selected to build upon our existing community paramedicine program.

“Our long-term care focused community paramedicine program will provide our seniors, their families and caregivers peace of mind while waiting for a long-term care bed or potentially delay the need for long-term care,” says Paul Calandra.

“This program has been designed to help maintain stability for those waiting for long-term care through ongoing and 24/7 non-emergency support. This may include home visits and remote monitoring that is responsive to changes or escalation in their health conditions. These services will complement the home and community care services they are receiving.”

At an event earlier in the day, Minister for Long Term Care Merilee Fullerton noted, “As we modernize long-term care in Ontario, it is important the we continue to develop innovative approaches to deliver quality healthcare to our loved ones. This program is an excellent example of our government collaborating across the health care system, and we are grateful for this partnership with paramedicine practitioners that will allow us to better serve our seniors.”

The program will be delivered through local paramedic services, providing:

• Access to health services 24-7, through in-home and remote methods, such as online or virtual supports;
• Home visits and in-home testing procedures;
• Ongoing monitoring of changing or escalating conditions to prevent or reduce emergency incidents;
• Additional education about healthy living or managing things like chronic diseases; and
• Connections for participants and their families to home care and community supports.
Based on the experience in this first phase, the program may be expanded to additional communities interested in participating in a second phase of the program.

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For public inquiries call ServiceOntario, INFOline at 1-866-532-3161 (Toll-free in Ontario only)

For more information, contact
Shelby Reesor
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