MPP Paul Calandra vows to fight for oldest tree in Stouffville

Stouffville, Ontario - MPP Paul Calandra has promised to fight to save the oldest tree in Markham-Stouffville, which has been put at risk by the planned improvements to the Lincolnville GO Station.


The Elm Tree is approximately 170 to 200 years old. In the estimation of professional arborists, it may be the largest and the oldest tree in Whitchurch-Stouffville.


“I understand that improved transit is one of the highest priorities of constituents in our riding,” Calandra notes, “and I believe we can see these improvements happen without cutting down the oldest and most significant tree in our community, if we work together as a team to create a plan that takes the tree into consideration.”


The tree is located at the corner of Tenth Line south of Bethesda Rd, in the corner property designated for expansion of the GO Station.


“My office has contacted Metrolinx and requested a meeting,” Calandra says, “to discuss how we can improve transit and save the tree. I think it is possible and desirable to do both things, and I am working in an attempt to do so.”


According to arborists who have examined the tree, it has been documented by the Arboretum at Guelph University, which has on record the position, condition and size of the tree. The Arboretum, through the Elm Recovery Program (ERP), looks at these large American Elms to see how resistant to Dutch Elm Disease they are. ERP looks to these old surviving trees for collection of seeds and genetic cellular regeneration to save the species into the future.


“We are told that there are not many left in Ontario, and these types of trees are needed to further the recovery of true American Elms,” says Calandra.



For media enquiries:

Rita Smith

Office of Paul Calandra, MPP

647 242 5505

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