March 15, 2020 Bulletin from Metrolinx

In continued support of provincial action in protecting Ontarians from COVID-19, Metrolinx is temporarily reducing GO Transit and UP Express services.

GO and UP Express are vital to our region. Every route we serve, we will continue to serve.

Starting Wednesday, March 18, there will be a selective reduction in GO train and bus and UP Express service. UP Express will run every 30 minutes, and revised GO schedules are available here:

Our key consideration is ensuring our services can continue and our employees and customers are safe. Reducing our service will allow us to rotate our employees on our vehicles and in our stations. We want to ensure we have a healthy workforce so there is a reliable and sustainable plan for service to continue over the weeks to come.

The service reduction is in line with the reduction in ridership due to March Break, school closures and the significant shift in many organizations’ work-from-home policy.

Metrolinx has already seen ridership reductions by as much as 50% on some lines. We are reducing service by 28%. We will monitor these changes closely to ensure we are reducing congestion, not increasing it. We will have the ability to add service within 24 hours if required.

During peak periods, we will have about 30-minute service on most lines. We will have additional trains on our two Lakeshore lines. Off-peak weekday service will run every half hour on Lakeshore East and West, and on our other train lines that currently offer all-day service, we will run hourly during midday and limited service in the evenings. Bus services will be reduced, as well. There may be a mode shift, but all stations will continue to have service.

Our customers will still get the same safe experience, our Transit Safety and customer service teams will continue to be available to help customers get where they need to go.

Our teams will also maintain the increased level of cleaning on our vehicles and stations.

We ask our customers to please watch and refer to and for the latest updates, and their line specific Twitter accounts as well.

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