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Confederation of Greater Toronto Chinese Business Association Lunar New Year Celebration in Markham, great night.
RT @MSHospital: Hockey Night in Stouffville returns on Aug 20! Save the date (and check out this cool trailer) via @PaulCalandra https://t.…
Watch this trailer for the 5th annual Hockey Night in Stouffville! This year #HNIS will be on Thurs Aug 20
RT @KentThornhillMP: Nooshin is a new Canadian citizen - @paulcalandra and I honored to be with her and 40 others for today's ceremony htt…
Celebrating the Lunar New Year and the year of the Ram in @cityofmarkham with @KentThornhillMP.
@shinermaginer @BradDuguid @HelenaJaczek agree not sure why Trudeau Liberals in 1970's did this. We returned land to farmers around Mirabel . . . @BradDuguid @HelenaJaczek remember this?You evicted farmers to create a park that is still closed 8 years later
@BradDuguid @HelenaJaczek was the "some" who with your help last evicted farmers from the Rouge. I wont sacrifice 2000 acres for your "some"
@BradDuguid @HelenaJaczek notice in your answer on Rouge that only "some" off your partners support farming in the Rouge and the others?
@bradduguid York Fed. of Ag. represents 700 local farmers does not support @Kathleen_Wynne plan to decomission 2000 acres of their land.
@BradDuguid @HelenaJaczeken hows is your plan to eliminate more than 2000 acres of Class 1 farmland good for farmerss in the Rouge?
@BradDuguid @HelenaJaczek are building a hwy on greenbel, demanded we set aside Rouge Lands for infrastructure that your def eco integrity?
@BradDuguid @HelenaJaczek its to bad neither of you were confident enough in your position to defend your attack on farmers before committee
@BradDuguid @HelenaJaczekle can you explain to farmers how taking 2000 acres or more from farmers under your plan is good news for farmers?
@BradDuguid @HelenaJaczek your letter confirms what farmers fear - an outright attack on their future.You wont stand up for them but we will
RT @pmharper: Canada is outraged by the beheadings of Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians in Libya by groups linked to ISIL. ST: http://t.c…
In @cityofmarkham celebrating flags 50th, Lloyd Robertson, Billl Crothers, local Vets @YRP and @MarkhamFire all there
Happy Flag Day!
RT @MinStevenBlaney: Shocked by the news of a terror attack in Copenhagen. We stand with the people of Denmark in the defence of freedom of…
RT @LarryMillerMP: Many thnx 2 Beth Kennedy retiring after 25yrs service W Walter Harris Memorial Library Markdale Enjoy retirement Beth ht…
RT @ryanleefmp: @HedyFry @PaulCalandra Libs did so on the backs of the Provinces & Territories + allowed Nations infrastructure to age. #Li
@HedyFry your record, high taxes, slashed health care, high unemployment, no trade, sponsorship, billion wasted on registry.
@HedyFry you slashed health, devastated the military, cut infrastructure, increased pollution, broke every promise over 4 elections,
@HedyFry you mean the provinces eliminated the federal debt, Free Trade (you opposed) grew the economy, oh and we paid down $40 billion.
@HedyFry darn it after 13 years, 3 majority and one minority, Libs were going to get to the promises, too busy looking for the $40 million
@HedyFry @PnPCBC hey Hedy when obesity was becoming a problem why did you vote against participation, fitness tax credit, Rinc funding?
@HedyFry @PnPCBC hedy how did you vote between 2006 and 2014 on the increases to health care in our budgets? You voted against shame.
@HedyFry @PnPCBC hey Hedy how did you vote on that 1995 budget that unilaterally slashed health care by billions? Oh wait, you were in favor
@HedyFry @PnPCBC oh Hedy, Liberals cut billions from health, if you only got that 5th term, then health, day-care would have been a priority

Hockey Night in Stouffville   August 20, 2015
From the Riding

Flag Day 2015


Flag Day 2015   Stouffville

Marijuana Grow Operation


Marijuana Grow Operation   Markham

2014 Stouffville Santa Claus Parade


2014 Stouffville Santa Claus Parade   Stouffville

Remembering our Fallen

Oak Ridges-Markham

Remembering our Fallen   Oak Ridges-Markham

Stouffville CO-OP Grain Elevator – Future uses


Stouffville CO-OP Grain Elevator – Future uses   Stouffville

A message from Paul Calandra, MP on Canada day

Oak Ridges-Markham

A message from Paul Calandra, MP on Canada day   Oak Ridges-Markham

From the Hill

Nadine Carter and Roy Brown


Nadine Carter and Roy Brown   Ottawa

Saving Every Woman, Every Child

Canada’s Top Intl Development Priority

Saving Every Woman, Every Child   Canada's Top Intl Development Priority

Party Leaders on Terrorist Attack in Ottawa


Party Leaders on Terrorist Attack in Ottawa   Ottawa

The 2014 Markham Fair


The 2014 Markham Fair   Ottawa

Message on Canada’s plan to fight ISIL


Message on Canada’s plan to fight ISIL   Ottawa

Statement on Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent


Statement on Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent   Ottawa

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